Since the budget – and many policies – of higher education are governed by politicians, it is necessary for UFF to educate elected and appointed officials and representatives.  Our affiliates provide descriptions of current concerns at:

One of the realities of politics is that money buys attention: sound argument buys one only so much in the political world.  This brings us to an important point.  The UFF maintains a Political Action Committee that makes campaign contributions.  But since dues money does not go towards campaign contributions, the PAC relies on donations from members.

One way that a UFF member may make a helpful contribution to the UFF PAC is by donating a dollar per paycheck – that’s all – to the UFF PAC. This can be done by setting up a paycheck deduction:

This will provide us with useful ammunition in Tallahassee.  For more information about the UFF Political Action Committee, go to our UFF PAC page.